Alias(es) Nee-chan (Sis)
Age Unknown
Date of Birth (star sign) Unknown (Unknown)
Blood type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hobbies/Interested in Unknown
Not good at/with Unknown
Japanese VA Yuu Kobayashi

Konatsu (小夏 Konatsu)[1] is the daughter of Sukeroku and Miyokichi[2], and Yakumo the 8th's ward.



She normally fights back against what Yakumo says and wants, and will exhibit this sort of behaviour to anyone else she doesn't trust. She is also a great teacher of rakugo, although somewhat stern.


She was taken in by Yakumo after Sukeroku's death.

She fell pregnant around the time Yotaro became a shinuchi.


Yakumo Yurakutei: Due to her complicated relationship with Yakumo, Konatsu normally doesn't obey him. However, when she is caught off guard by the truth, Yakumo can get her to work with him.

Yotaro Yurakutei: She has a master/student relationship with Yotaro, but to a lesser degree than Yakumo and Yotaro do. Yotaro calls her "Sis" (Nee-chan).[3]


  • Konatsu means "small summer", which implies she was born in the summer. This is confirmed when Sukeroku reveals that she would have been called Koharu (spring), Koyuki (winter - "yuki" means "snow") or Chiaki (autumn) otherwise.[4]
  • A small Konatsu with short hair can be seen sneaking into view in the opening before she becomes the focal point of the visuals.


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