Alias(es) Unknown
Age 72 (as of episode 13), 95 (as of final episode)
Date of Birth (star sign) Unknown (Unknown)
Blood type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Relatives wife
Hobbies/Interested in Unknown
Not good at/with Unknown
Japanese VA Shigeru Ushiyama[1]

Matsuda (松田 Matsuda) is Yakumo's retainer and driver. He has been employed by the Yakumos ever since Yakumo the 7th (Yakumo's master).[2] He lived near Yakumo the 7th's house[3], although it is unknown where he lives now.


Matsuda is a balding man with gray hair.



He rarely speaks, and is treated like a butler by Yakumo. He is often there to support Yakumo (both 7th and 8th) and Sukeroku, and was so devoted he kept Yakumo the 7th's house clean while the war occurred without the request of Yakumo himself.


During the war, Matsuda kept Yakumo the 7th's house clean.

After the Yurakutei students were reunited and were about to perform again at the Kameya Inn, Matsuda came because he was worried about the young master (Kikuhiko). After Sukeroku died, Matsuda grieved for him (alongside Konatsu) while Kikuhiko did not.


  • Matsuda is his last name. It is unknown what his first name is.
  • He is always referred to with the honorific -san.
  • He had a wife who died before the Yurakutei pair performance.[4]


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