Yotaro Yurakutei
Alias(es) Kyoji, Yota (as a futatsume and shinuchi), Sukeroku
Age Unknown
Date of Birth (star sign) Unknown (Unknown)
Blood type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hobbies/Interested in Unknown
Not good at/with Unknown
Japanese VA Tomokazu Seki

Yotaro Yurakutei (有楽亭与太郎, Yuurakutei Yotarou) is the protagonist of the series, an ex-con who takes up rakugo after being inspired by the 8th Yakumo Yurakutei. He is referred to as "Kyoji" by his boss and later inherits the name "Sukeroku".[1]


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After being promoted to shinuchi, Yotaro gets his head shaved.[2]


Prior to the start of the series, Yakumo the 8th performed a special performance of "Shinigami" at the prison Yotaro was currently at, inspiring Yotaro (then Kyoji) to get into rakugo once his sentence was up.

Immediately after getting out of prison he located Yakumo and begged him to take him as his apprentice. Yakumo finds the kid's determination interesting and agrees. (stuff happens and...) Eventually, Yotaro (as he came to be known by Yakumo) gets kicked out, but since he has nowhere else to go goes back to the house. Konatsu tells him not to give up and tells him to get in. Konatsu pleads Yakumo to allow Yotaro to continue rakugo and after a little while Yakumo agrees. Under three conditions: creates his own rakugo, keeps rakugo alive, and Konatsu and Yotaro don't die before him, and

Sometime later (not specified) Yotaro is promoted to shinuchi. He also gets his head shaved.


8th Yakumo



  • Yotaro is rakugo slang for "fool" or "anti-hero".[3][4]


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